cibdol cbd(non-registered)
Bob Bibber(non-registered)
Tom Keough(non-registered)
Jon, impossible to say anything beyond what everyone else below has posted, except perhaps...

D I T T O !
Bob Reilley(non-registered)
Great Pictures Jon!
Love the Teton and Yellowstone pics, John! Great collection!!
Mary Woods(non-registered)
Your pictures from Denali are outstanding, as usual.
Lisa Bridges(non-registered)
Jon, you have a wonderful eye. Your ability to soften even the hardest rock and envigorate the colors to saturate the landscapes wow me. Amazingly beautiful!!
Patrick McLaughlin(non-registered)
Jon, You have taken the best pictures of some of my most favored places on this planet. Thank you dear friend -- what a wonderful gift !!
Vickie & Skip (knoxville)(non-registered)
Breathtaking photos, Great Job John!
Mary Woods(non-registered)
The pictures are absolutely breathtaking.
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